Owner Occupation versus Investment

If you’re occupying the property as your primary residence your motivation to sell likely differs from someone who owns the property as an investment. Investor’s have one goal in mind – to maximize profits. Owner occupants, on the other hand, must weigh many more factors. Location, size, and¬†school’s are some of the considerations that owner-occupants must consider.

Timing is Everything

Selling your home at the right time can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars. The real estate market notoriously goes through cycles of highs and lows. Selling during the “highs” and buying during the “lows” is preferable, though not always possible. Aside from the difficulties involved with knowing with certainty when the market has peaked, most owner occupants sell to buy something else. Thus, if you sell during the peak, that tends to mean you buy during the peak as well. Investors, on the other hand,¬†can try and assess the state of the market and sell at the most opportune time.

What is My Home Worth?

Before you can make an informed decision whether to sell your home, you must first know what its worth. Let us provide you with a free assessment appraisal to help decide the best path to take.

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